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The 2019 Spring Wedding Trends You’ll Want To Use

The 2019 Spring Wedding Trends You’ll Want To Use

December is the most popular month for couples to get engaged. If you were part of the new-ring-touting couples who took the first step toward marriage, your January is probably filled with bridal magazines, invitation samples, and color palettes.

No doubt your Instagram feed is filled with other glowing gals donning their new diamond. While we know you love them, you want your wedding to stand out. From the dress to the wedding party gifts, your day should mirror your personality and style.

We’re introducing you to the top wedding trends of 2019 so you can add your flavor to each piece of the Big Day.

Wedding Dress

The gown is one of the most important pieces of the entire ceremony. While 2019 will see smaller, more intimate weddings, the style will be grand. Meghan Markle (More formally known as Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex) inspired a collection of gowns that feature clean lines and bateau-necks.

An element that will touch nearly every aspect of a 2019 spring wedding is florals. Dresses are no exception. Dresses will be enhanced with 3D floral prints, geometrical designs, and a touch of sparkle.


Industry experts say 2019 is the return of the richly deep florals. Saturated hues will fill ceremony sanctuaries, reception halls, and line outdoor isles. Flavors of coral will be the hot color palette this year.

There will also be a play on the natural elements for indoor weddings. Greenery, trees, and shades or ivory will create a whimsical and romantic setting.

Tailored Groomsmen

After button-ups, khakis, and flip flops made their run during the stretch of exotic weddings, we’ll see a return to the classic three-piece suit. Groomsmen will sport tailored, classic suits for a sleek look.

Bridesmen and Groomsgirls

Who says your guy bestie can’t be your right-hand support system on your wedding day? More couples than ever with ditch the traditional gender roles and opt for bridesmen and groomsgirls to stand by them while they share nuptials.

Custom Menus

The food – the element that can make or break a guests’ experience – will follow the branded wedding themes. Customized menus will feature a variety of food stations, hand-picked by the bride and groom. Lavish sit-down dinners won’t quickly fade away, and will take their space in large, picturesque weddings as well as intimate events.

The cake! The cakes will be the center of attention with metallic touches, elegant rippling, and beautiful monograms. Don’t forget the dessert station. The bride and groom will load a table full of their favorite treats and let guests fill themed to-go bags as a tasty memento.

Eco-conscious Weddings

The fashion industry has long been touted as one of the most wasteful and dangerous to our planet. Couples are taking note by choosing gowns and suits that are created under ethical practices and building menus from locally sourced ingredients.

Celebratory Confetti

The reign of bubbles and sparklers may have come to an end (or at least taken a back seat). Colorful confetti will shower couples as they emerge after sharing vows. The more confetti the better during spring 2019 weddings.

As your Big Day approaches, keep these emerging wedding trends in mind. Don’t shy away from color, ignore the rules when it comes to your wedding party, and keep plenty of confetti on hand to make your wedding a hit.

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