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6 Steps To Simplify Your Wedding Registry

6 Steps To Simplify Your Wedding Registry

Gift-giving goes hand-in-hand with wedding season. Your family and friends want to help you stock your home with new gadgets, personalized kitchen tools, and more. Building a wedding registry is fun, but to get (almost) everything you want to start your new life together, you have to put some thought into your list. Use our tips to create a wedding registry your guests will actually use when purchasing your gift. 

Plan Early 

Depending on how long you want to be engaged, creating your gift registry may be one of the first wedding planning tasks you tackle. Your wedding registry should be created no later than seven months before your wedding. If you don’t plan to enjoy a long engagement, start searching now for the gifts you want to include on your wedding wish list. 

Do It Together 

Planning your wedding registry should be done as a couple. You’ll want to first take inventory of what you have as a couple. Eliminate the old, duplicated, and unwanted items, then start shopping. What type of home do you want to create together? Your wedding registry should be filled with gifts you’ll use as a couple. Plan to travel a lot? Go for personalized luggage tags. A custom cutting board will create the perfect prep area if you’re into cooking, and a wine box with tools is ideal for entertaining.  

Make It Simple 

Amazon is the most popular wedding registry website, but if you want to keep all of your wedding planning pieces in one place, websites like create a simple, unified approach. It also makes it easy for guests to browse through your desired gifts on one central platform, even if you’ve used multiple sources (like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and more).  

Get What You Want 

Today’s wedding registries are filled with far more than KitchenAid mixers and fine china. It’s totally acceptable to add a honeymoon fund or cash box to your registry. It’s your gift list. Register for what you really want. Many couples are opting to add their favorite charities to the list or add the option for multiple people to gift together for one large item, like a new appliance. 

Hit All Price Points 

Be sure to include items at a variety of price points. Adding only big-ticket items to your list may mean you end up with gifts your guests choose themselves. Nearly every online wedding registry will allow your guests to sort the gift list by price. Categorize your gifts into budgets under $50, under $75, under $100 and $200 or more. This gives each guest the opportunity to buy a gift within their price range. 

Say Thank You 

When you open the wedding gifts, write down who gifted which item. Take the time to handwrite thank you cards to each guest. Your guests took the time to sift through your registry and purchase a gift to celebrate your new life together, so you want to make them feel appreciated with a personalized note.   

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