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Does The Bride Get The Groom A Gift?

Does The Bride Get The Groom A Gift?

The bride and groom gift exchange doesn’t have to be a big deal, but it should be uniquely yours. There’s really no right or wrong way to approach gift-giving with your partner, but it is a good idea to carve out a specific time and put some thought into your gift. From personalized gift options to something that will store wedding day memories for a lifetime, choosing the groom’s gift can be a fun experience. 

Bride And Groom Gift Exchange 

Depending on how your wedding is scheduled, you’ll consider three options for the timing of the bride and groom gift exchange. In many cases, the wedding spans an entire weekend, so planning ahead for the exchange will give you both some much needed time together and space from well-intended family and friends. 

Before the wedding: If you’re not following the tradition to wait until the ceremony to see one another, offering your partner his groom’s gift ahead of the wedding can help ease nerves. A private moment for the couple can be hard to come by in the whirlwind of a wedding day, so select a specific time and location ahead of the festivities. You can mentally and emotionally prepare for the event ahead. 

During the wedding: Before you immediately cross this option off your list, consider exchanging gifts between wedding moments. So many couples are busy with the photographer, wedding officiant, family, florists, caterer and more. You get caught up in the preparation and swept away by family members and friends who want to grab a picture or say congratulations that you rarely get a chance to take in the moment with your partner. We recommend finding a quiet spot and hiding away for 15 minutes between the ceremony and couple introduction. It gives you just enough time to experience the moment together and open your gifts. 

After the wedding: A moment of reflection is always needed after such an amazing experience together. Enjoy the ceremony, reception, and party with your invited guests, then relax and appreciate one another. Exchanging your bride and groom gifts following the wedding can be a fun way to reflect on the weekend’s unforgettable moments and celebrate this new chapter together. 

When you offer your gifts to one another is totally up to you, but keep in mind, the gift itself doesn’t have to be extraordinary. It can be a keepsake from your relationship, a personalized gift to remember your wedding day or something special you’ve created just for your partner. 

Best Groom Gifts 

If wedding planning has you drawing a blank on the best groom’s gifts, explore some of our most popular items. For the outdoorsman, a personalized pocket knife allows you to engrave your own message and is something he’ll use often. If your husband-to-be enjoys a good cigar, he may like our wooden humidor. For the businessman who’s constantly booked for black tie events, custom cuff links, a pocket watch, or tie clip would beautifully accessorize his look.  

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