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Personalized Gifts To Support Your New Year’s Resolution

Personalized Gifts To Support Your New Year’s Resolution

Will you set a New Year’s resolution? While millions of us will begin 2020 with new goals in mind, statistics show only about 8% of those who made a resolution will see it through completion. With this in mind, we decided to create a personalized gift guide full of items that will compliment your resolution. From better health to seeing the world, here are the goal-centered gifts to grab for yourself.

New Year’s Resolution: Better Health

Hitting the gym more often in the New Year? More than half (55%) of all resolutions are health-related. Whether your goal is to drop a few pounds or simply be more active, our Custom Anchor Tumblers keep cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. You can hit the treadmill, take the kids to the park, or Zumba for a little longer when you keep your water in this insulated bottle. Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing it. We’ll personalize the tumbler with your name for free.

New Year’s Resolution: Dine Out Less

If you took a look at your finances and saw GrubHub and your favorite restaurant appearing too frequently in your banking app, it’s time to get in the kitchen. When you cook at home, you can prepare healthy meals that taste exactly the way you like. We’re making it easy (and stylish) to prep your meals with our engraved cutting board.

New Year’s Resolution: Start A Gratitude Journal

We could all use a little more gratitude, and starting a daily journal is one of the best ways to document the things and people you’re most thankful for. We just make it look good with our personalized journal. Choose your color or print and customize the front with your name. This 80-page journal gives you plenty of space to express your gratitude throughout the year.

New Year’s Resolution: Travel

Mark a desired destination off your bucket list and travel in 2020. Whether you’re going across the country or halfway around the world, we’re keeping your luggage safe with personalized luggage tags.

 New Year’s Resolution: Relax & Have More “Me Time”

If your goal is to leave the stress of 2019 in the past, we’re helping you out. Use our stemless cup to start your day with hot tea or coffee. Enjoy a hot beverage before everyone else wakes and the busy day begins. This mug will keep your drink hot for hours. At the end of the day, when it’s time to unwind, fill your personalized cup with wine and relax. Personalize the cup with your color choice and name. Cheers to a stress-free 2020!


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