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Staying on Top of Our 2021 Goals

Staying on Top of Our 2021 Goals

You've put your mind to it. You vowed to follow through. Now What?

We're a little over halfway through the first month of the year, and you may already be coming down from your "new year, new me" high you got when creating your 2021 goals. So how do you make sure you're able to stick to those same goals long term? Here's some tips on how to stay on track in 2021!

1. Find an Accountability Partner

Some things are just easier when you have someone who goes through them with you! Which is why finding a friend or family member with their own goals they want to accomplish can be very beneficial in the long run. Create a plan to check in with each other on a schedule that works for the both of you. Whether that's daily, weekly, monthly etc. be sure that you're setting a meeting time in stone...or in your Google Calendar. Doing this helps maintain the idea that your goals are as important as everything else in your life, and require the same attention too. 

2. Log Your Progress

Whether you have a goal to read 20 books in a year or perhaps you're looking to hit some new fitness milestones; logging the progress you make can aid in keeping you on track to reaching those goals by the end of the year. There's so many different ways to get creative when it comes to tracking progress. Using a cute journal, taking pictures to see physical changes or even video logs are fun ways to stay organized. 

3. Review, Reevaluate, and Keep Showing Up

No plan is every perfect from beginning to end, and we have to be realistic in knowing that sometimes life does complicate things. It's never a bad idea to review and reevaluate the goals you've made for yourself when real life sets in. Some goals may seem like a great idea, but may be unattainable due to outside circumstances. You want to have goals you know you'll enjoy, and also will have time to complete day in and day out. Don't feel bad if somewhere along the way you have to make edits to your goals. It's important to remember the balancing act of new and old routines isn't easy. Keep revising those goals until you find the ones that make the most sense for you, and then keep showing up for them each day after that! 

4. See Your Goals Everyday

Did you know about 65% of the US population is made up of visual learners? Who know's maybe you're one of them! If so, creating a vision board somewhere in your home can be a great reminder of everything you want to achieve. Vision and mood boards have become very popular as of late, and can be beneficial when trying to compile your goals all in on place. Quotes, aesthetic photos, personal items, etc. are all great additions to a vision board. 



 We know you already know this, but you are an awesome woman who does not need the validation in order to know your worth in this world! Yes, setting new goals and going out to crush them feels great, but don't go doing this in vain because you don't believe your prior self was enough. You are enough at every stage or phase of your life! So if and when you do decide you want to take on some new challenges in the new year; make sure before you begin that you're doing it for the right reasons. The decision to change should be your choice, and your choice alone.