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Wedding Favors Your Guests Actually Want

Wedding Favors Your Guests Actually Want

The wedding ceremony was perfect. The reception lasted through the night without a hiccup. Now that the guests are gathering their things about to leave, you want to send them home with something worth taking.

Wedding favor ideas range from small and edible to extravagant and personalized. The key to creating the perfect wedding gift for your guest is to offer something they’ll actually use. Skip the book of matches with your initials monogrammed on the front and go for the wow factor.

We love these unique wedding favor ideas:

  • Welcome tote bags: This wedding favor is perfect for a destination wedding. When guests travel to see your nuptials, leave them with a lasting memory. Stuff the bag with favors they can use on their trip – sunscreen, sunglasses, or a mini bottle of wine.
  • Bottle openers: There’s a good chance your guests reach for a bottle opener at least once a week. Gift them with wedding-themed bottle opener they’ll use over and over again.
  • Custom candles: Having a scent that goes with your theme is a popular trend among today’s newlyweds. Choose an aroma that pairs well with your wedding theme and have custom labels made with the scent and wedding date.
  • Handmade fans: For the outdoor wedding, fans are a great addition to keep guests cool. They can also be used as photo booth props!
  • Tissue packs: Whether they’re tears of joy or removing a champagne spill, wedding themed tissue packets will come in handy on the wedding day and beyond.
  • Olive oil: Fill personalized, reusable flasks with olive oil. All the better if you can find some locally made oil, and your guests can refill the flask once they’ve used it all.
  • Candy bar bags: There’s no better treat than a late-night snack. Have personalized bags created and set them out with your favorite candy, popcorn, or covered pretzels. Guests can fill their bag and take the goodies home.
  • Sunglasses: For a beach or outdoor wedding, set your guests up with a wedding themed pair of sunglasses. They’ll appreciate the break from the sun and can use them well past the wedding day.

Wedding favors should be a pleasant surprise to your guest, something that leaves them saying, “that was such a great idea.” You’ve taken the time to plan each detail of your big day, and the gift you leave for your guests shouldn’t be skipped.

Incorporate your theme, colors, and personalities into the gift to make it feel personal. Your guests are there to support you as you start your future together, so give them something to remember the day!

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