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Gifts for Newlyweds

Gifts for Newlyweds

Your heading to another wedding.  For the last 5 weddings you had no idea how to find gifts for newlyweds.  Luckily you stumbled upon our website and have the chance to check out 5 of our awesome personalized gifts for newlyweds.  

Weddings are such a special day for the couple and these custom gifts will help them remember that special day over and over again.  

Top 5 Gifts for Newlyweds

1. Champagne Flutes

Cheers!  What an amazing wedding, right?!  Every couple wants to live their wedding night over and over.  Give the newlyweds a pair of champagne flutes with their new official titles along with their wedding date.  Our champagne flutes are laser engraving creating a frost white permanent finish and are dishwasher safe


2.  Photo Album

Weddings are always the perfect time to put a collection of classy photos together. This newlywed gift will sure be welcomed and filled with some of the most epic wedding photos ever.  Give the gift of laughter and love with an personalized photo album.  Each photo album will hold 80 4x6 images.  


3. Wine Box with Tools

Love like wine gets better with time.  What am amazing gift for the newly married couple.  Our bamboo wine boxes are laser engraved creating a deep dark finish into the wood.  Add a bottle of fine wine and this wine box makes a great gift that the couple can enjoy a bottle of wine over and over again on their wedding anniversary.  Each wine box comes with 4 wine accessories as well.  Don't forget to grab some awesome customized wine glasses to go along with your wine box set.


4. Wood Cutting Board 

Every newlywed couple needs a nice new cutting board for their kitchen.  Our customized cutting boards make for great kitchen decor when not being used by the happy newlyweds. 


5. Whiskey Decanter 

It's time to jazz up the groom's man cave or home bar.  Our 27oz all glass decanters make great gifts for newlyweds and really turns head when you see one of these bad boys sitting on the shelf.  This might not be the ideal gift for the bride but we all know that 90% of the gifts from weddings are for the bride right?  This is a unique gift to please the groom.  Don't forget to grab some personalized whiskey glasses to go along with the decanter.  


About us

Everything Decorated is one of the leading personalized online gift shops.  All of our items can be customized to your needs, the engraving images are just examples of what we can do.  With over 17,000 5 star reviews on Etsy, customers love our work and we love our customers! 

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