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5 Places To Never Wear Your Engagement Ring

5 Places To Never Wear Your Engagement Ring

The average cost of an engagement ring is $5,900, but, of course, each couple decides for themselves what budget works best. No matter the cost, you want to keep your engagement ring protected from the many things that can chip, scratch, or tarnish it. If you gained a bright new gem on your ring finger over the holidays, we have a few tips to keep your diamond (or super fabulous colorful gem) as beautiful as when you received it.

Don’t wear your engagement ring if…

You’re headed to the beach. You hear the horror stories of losing the diamond in the sand, never to be seen again, but even if the ring stays snuggly on your finger, the sand can cause major problems. The tiny grains of sand can get wedged under the diamond or in between the prongs. Plus, lathering up with SPF can cause your gem to lose its sparkle. While the beach is perfect for personalized towels or sunglasses, it’s not the place for your engagement ring.

The gym is calling your name. Hitting the treadmill to make sure your wedding dress fits just right on the big day? You may have the wedding on your mind, but be sure to remove the ring from your finger. Weight training is the biggest concern. The pressure from lifting weights can cause your band to bend. For pave’ bands, the small stones can be loosened to fall out.

It’s time to shower off the day. Slip your engagement ring off and keep it safely on a personalized ring dish while you clean up. Shampoo, conditioner, and other showering products can leave a film or buildup on your ring. While you may think the shower is the ideal place to add a little shine, the many products can actually dim the shimmer of your stone.

You’re swimming or relaxing in a hot tub. No one wants to search through the insects and trash in a pool filter to find an engagement ring, so leave the jewel inside if you’re planning a pool day or sitting in the hot tub. Plus, the chlorine and many other chemicals used to clean the water can quickly cause your ring’s metal to discolor or lose its luster.

The house needs to be cleaned. Even if you rely on green cleaning products, take off the ring before breaking out the sponges. There are many cleaning products and tools that could scratch the stone. The chemicals in a store-bought cleaner can also erode the finish and cause the gem to lose its polished shine.

How To Store Engagement Ring

When it’s time to take your engagement ring off, don’t lay it on the bathroom vanity or on top of your dresser. The last thing you want to do is fish your ring out of the toilet. Place your engagement ring in your personalized ring dish. You’ll have easy access and the ring stays brilliantly beautiful.