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How To Create A Wedding Hashtag

How To Create A Wedding Hashtag

Weddings have stepped into the digital world and couples are adding another unique twist to their nuptials with a wedding hashtag. If you’ve been a part of a wedding party, made the guest list of a friend’s big day, or simply scrolled your social feed lately, you’ve seen creative and catchy hashtags designed to celebrate a couple’s wedding day. You don’t have to be uber plugged in to take part in the trend. Use our steps to create a wedding hashtag that fits you and your partner.

  1. Use Your Names

Create a mesh of your first, last, or nicknames. It may be basic, but it’s a good starting point to create a unique wedding hashtag. You want to choose something your guests will use, and your names are something everyone can remember. So, create your version of Brangelina or Bennifer as a hashtag based on your names.

  1. Incorporate Numbers

If you can’t create anything super unique from your names, use numbers from your wedding date to make the hashtag special.

  1. Add Some Humor

Get a little punny with synonyms, alliterations, and rhymes. A play on words is just what you need to create a memorable wedding hashtag.

  1. Make It Easy

Photos from the dancefloor may get posted after a few drinks, so you want to make sure your hashtag is easy to spell. If possible, avoid double letters, long or difficult words, and consider ways to shorten long names.

  1. Add Capital Letters

Use capital letters for each word to make it easier to read. Making it clear where each word begins and ends will help guests post photos with ease and read your wedding hashtag.

  1. One Of A Kind

Before you launch your hashtag on social media and elsewhere, make sure it’s “available.” You don’t want to duplicate someone else’s hashtag. Once you create yours, search it on social media. If someone else’s wedding photos pop up, try rearranging your words or spelling it differently. You don’t want your wedding photos mixed in with another couple’s pictures.

  1. Use It

Tell your wedding party when you’ve decided on a hashtag and encourage them to use it when they post about upcoming wedding events. Use the hashtag on your save the date cards, wedding website, and more. Encourage guests to use it when their snapping photos at the wedding and filling their social feeds with your nuptials.

If all else fails, use a wedding hashtag generator - a good one to use is on Shutterfly. Your wedding hashtag should be just as unique as you and your partner. It’s not just a great way to celebrate your coming wedding, but it makes it easier to collect all the memories captured by guests throughout the ceremony and reception.