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8 Steps To An Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

8 Steps To An Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

You’ve been tasked with planning the best bachelorette party for the bride and her friends. What an honor and huge responsibility! It’s totally normal to be super stoke and a little overwhelmed. To help you manage through the details of the location, guest list, theme and more, we’ve put together a guide on how to plan a bachelorette party.

  1. Talk to the bride

While you’ll want to include awesome surprises for the party, you’ll want to get the bride’s take on a few things. Ask her if she has any must-haves or any restrictions for the party. You’ll also want to get the guest list from the bride. Just because she was forced to invite them to the wedding because of family ties, doesn’t mean she want to spend her night of fun with them.

  1. Communicate with the group

Once you have the bride’s approved guest list, it’s time to reach out. Ask the group for a couple sets of dates that could work for the party. You’ll also want to check on everyone’s budget. Some guest may be up for forking over enough cash for a weekend get-a-way, while others need to keep in low-key. Get an idea of funds available so you know how big to make the bash.

  1. Choose a theme

The theme will help you tie in decorations, activities, and even the location. Be sure to choose a hashtag for all the photos you’re willing to share on social media.

  1. Create a timeline

You’ll have a list of to-do items before the party day, so keep up with everything on a timeline. Once you have the theme and date set, send a save-the-date reminder to all the guests. Prior to the event you’ll want to give yourself time to plan party gifts, book the venue, buy tickets, make reservations, order invitations, and collect all of your bachelorette party décor items.

  1. Book reservations

If you’re planning to hit up a restaurant or theatre, make sure you book your reservations well in advance. You don’t want to discover the bride’s favorite restaurant doesn’t have availability a week before the party.

  1. Send invitations

Get creative and make your own bachelorette party invitations or order a custom design online. Send an invitation to each guest with an RSVP phone and email so you can confirm the guest list.

  1. Collect cash

The bachelorette party guests typically cover all costs for the bride. By this point you’ve already launched the conversation about cash and how much everyone can afford to budget. Give the guests options on how to pay so you will have the money up front and can cover all the costs ahead of the party.

  1. Launch the party

After all that work, it’s time to relax and have a great time. Be sure you have the right party accessories so everyone feels a part of the bride tribe. Keep an eye on the bride and ensure she’s enjoying herself throughout the night (it is a celebration for her, after all).

The party will be here before you know it. Use our simple guide to help plan the bachelorette party and make it a great memory for the bride.