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DIY Wedding Reception: 7 Ideas To Stay On Budget

DIY Wedding Reception: 7 Ideas To Stay On Budget

If you’ve ever walked into a wedding reception that looked like it belonged on the cover of a bridal magazine, the thought of DIY wedding reception ideas may seem a little overwhelming. But the truth is, your reception is a reflection of you, so you get to design it exactly how you’d like. There are easy, professional ideas you can pull off while creating a picture-perfect scene and sticking to your budget.

The wedding décor doesn’t need to be complicated, or expensive. With a little creativity, you can build the reception of your dreams. We have a few tips to help along the way.

Non-floral Centerpieces

The average wedding florist can cost upwards of $1,300. By getting creative with your reception centerpieces, you can amplify your wedding theme and avoid the high floral cost. Use pieces that reflect the feel of the wedding and yours and your partner’s unique style. Old photos, books, wine bottles, lanterns or geometric table décor can create a beautiful focal point (and we bet your guests won’t even miss the flowers).

Wedding Centerpiece

Use Plenty Of String Lights

The right lighting can create a magical glow with minimal décor. Create a festive vibe and instantly up the romance with soft light strategically hung around the reception area. If you’re hosting an outdoor reception, wrap the lights around trees or drape them from other pieces of décor. Intertwine the lights with centerpiece objects to add a glow to each table.

Wedding Reception String Lights

Use Your Own Belongings

When it fits your theme, bring items from your own home (or borrow from your besties) to decorate the reception space. From furniture and candles to home décor and picture frames, if the items you already own can be used at the reception, why pay for something new?

Stock The Bar Yourself

Rather than hiring a company to bring in all the beer, wine and liquor, head to your local bulk store and buy what you need. You’ll save tons on liquor costs and can still hire a reputable bar tender from sites like Thumbstack and Gigmasters.

Buy Used Décor Or Rent

While you want your reception to be stunning, the truth is, most of the decorations will go to waste following the event. Check your local online buy, sell and trade sites like Facebook Marketplace for décor items that still have value from other weddings or parties. Consider reselling your items once the wedding is complete to recoup some cash. For items you couldn’t find online, visit your local party décor rental shop. It will be cheaper to rent the items for a few hours than buy all new.

Drape Fabric

Stock up on fabric that matches your wedding colors to drape throughout the reception area. A sheer material or tulle can be used to set a romantic, whimsical scene. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to get it right. Use ribbon to secure the fabric and enhance with other décor – like lights or greenery – if fitting.

Drape Fabric

Create Your Own Photo Booth

Set up a fun photo booth for reception guests. By using a blank wall or creating a cheap backdrop from palettes, a covered or painted piece of plywood or hanging curtains, you can instantly create the ideal space. Use string lights to add the perfect glow and offer photo props like picture frames, hats, and funny signs attached to sticks. Add a handmade sign to the area that encourages your guests to share their photo booth pics with your wedding hashtag.

Photo Booth

A DIY wedding reception doesn’t have to look cheap. By using these ideas and checking out many more on our Pinterest boards, you can create an unforgettable reception without an expansive budget.