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Non-floral Bridal Bouquet Ideas You'll Love

Non-floral Bridal Bouquet Ideas You'll Love

The bridal bouquet has been a long-standing tradition in the wedding ceremony. In Ancient Rome, the bride carried or wore flower garlands as a sign of new beginnings, fidelity, and desired fertility. During the Middle Ages, the bridal bouquet shifted to strong-smelling spices and herbs believed to keep bad luck and evil spirits at bay. It wasn’t until the Victorian Era that the bridal bouquet became more of a statement piece that focused on a shared love represented in different ways by the flowers used.

Today’s modern bride is finding creative ways to keep the tradition alive, but with a contemporary twist. While we love flowers (what girl doesn’t, really?), we’re big fans of creating a statement piece with your bridal bouquet. If you’re planning a wedding and looking for ways to incorporate your unique style, we’ve got you covered with these non-floral bridal bouquet ideas.

Vintage Brooch Bridal Bouquet

Are the jewelry boxes in your family overflowing with vintage brooches? Turn your “something old” into a colorful display of brooches worn over the decades by the women in your family. Don’t get stuck on a color theme or size of the pins. Different is best and creates the most memorable bouquet. (Photo Credit: magpieweddings.com)

Fern Wedding Bouquet

For the intensely modern or minimalist bride, a fern wedding bouquet is a fresh way to hold to the tradition while representing your taste. The shades of green offer a bit of color, while the varying shapes of leaves add texture to the bride’s gown. (Photo Credit: weddingoamnia.com)

Pearl Wedding Bouquet

The pearl has been noted in history to symbolize a number of desirable characteristics. Pearls are believed to offer protection, strengthen relationships, and symbolize purity, generosity, and loyalty. A pearl bouquet is perfect for an antique wedding theme, and thanks to the many colors of artificial pearls, you can incorporate your wedding color palette. (Photo credit: aliexpress.com)

Succulent (Cacti) Wedding Bouquet

Forget the idea of a green, prickly plant and create a beautiful bridal bouquet with a variety of succulents. The bouquet is long-lasting and can include a variety of soft colors, like violet, yellow, soft pinks, blues and greens. (Photo credit: differentweddings.com)

Seashell Wedding Bouquet

Nothing has ever been so perfect as a seashell bridal bouquet for a wedding by the ocean. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you can order colored seashells to create your desired look, but if you live by the beach, spend an afternoon collecting shells. For starters, they’re free, and you’ll find a variety of shapes and colors that all work well together to create your bouquet. (Photo credit: diy-enthusiasts.com)

Cotton Wedding Bouquet

Perfect for a rustic, fall wedding, a cotton wedding bouquet gives you plenty of room to work in pops of color from berries, leaves or other plants. Wrap the bouquet in a burlap fabric to complete the look. (Photo credit: dawnq.com)

After spending all that time creating a custom bridal bouquet, we don’t blame you if you’re not thrilled with the idea of throwing it into a sea of single ladies. If you want to keep your bridal bouquet, be sure to bring along a traditional floral bouquet so you do have something to toss into the crowd.