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Our Favorite 2020 Wedding Color Schemes

Our Favorite 2020 Wedding Color Schemes

The holidays are the most popular time to get engaged (no surprise, right?). So, if you’re a part of the #isaidyes crew, we have a look at 2020 wedding colors to help you get a head start on planning your big day.

Some traditional wedding colors found their way onto the list, and bright fresh colors complete the most anticipated wedding colors for 2020, based on the pantone guides. Whether you’re thinking an outdoor, floral-filled backdrop or plan to share your nuptials in your family church, you’ll want to consider one of these amazing color schemes.

Gender-neutral Neo Mint

Spring and summer weddings will be filled with this beautiful mint green hue. Neo mint is the gender-neutral pastel green that offers a fresh take to your big day. Add a natural color that is a good fit for the entire wedding party.

Royal Deep Purple

Turning to purples and pinks can quickly turn into a flower girl’s dream, but for your bridal party (and groomsmen), you need a more mature hue. Deep Purple is the mature color you need to add flavor to your wedding without creating a juvenile color scheme. This royal color adds a touch of grandeur and glam to your nuptials celebration.

Purist Blue

Purist blue is a softer take on one of the core colors of the Pantone color pallet. Veering away from the cobalt blue and deep navy, this hue is a mix of blue and gray offering an easy color to wear and to incorporate into your wedding décor. It’s an optimistic shade that doesn’t strike a specific emotion in your wedding guests. The color is relaxed and inviting.



A softer approach to coral is Pantone’s Cantaloupe. For your 2020 spring or summer wedding, the sweet flavor is ideal for both genders and creates a transitional color between people and nature. The milky orange hue is ideal for ribbons, flowers, dresses and more. The upbeat color will be popular for 2020 brides.

Mellow Yellow

A mix between bright yellow and mustard yellow is a comfortable fall color, Mellow Yellow. New brands and social media influencers are big into this yellow hue. It is a noticeable color that immediately offers comfort because it simulates a sunrise or sunset. While this yellow color is ideal for fall, it can easily be used throughout the year.