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How To Deal With Wedding Planning Stress

How To Deal With Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding planning is no light work. From the colors to the cake, couples get stressed when it comes to making decisions and planning the details of the big day. If you’ve recently said yes and feel like you’re drowning in bridesmaid gowns, cake flavors, and signature cocktail recipes, you’re not alone. In a Zola planning poll, 96 percent of those surveyed said wedding planning is stressful.

Most Stressful Part of Wedding Planning

The most stressful part, according to 35 percent of engaged couples: Simply getting it all done. Another 20 percent reported managing the guest list and RSVPs and 14 percent of couples said finding the right venue was the most stressful of the journey.

Wedding Venue

No matter which part of the wedding planning process gets you flustered, we’ve put together a list of tactics to destress. Whether you need to step away from planning altogether for a brief moment or allow the pros to handle some portions of the preparation, here are some simple ways to deal with wedding planning stress.

Wedding Planning De-stressors

Before you step into the decision-making process of creating your wedding day, consider some of our de-stressing ideas below.

Engagement ring

Be realistic with your timeline. If you’re going to enjoy a long engagement with your partner, you have the luxury of time to plan each detail according to how you both want the day to look. If however, you’re planning for a wedding that’s 6 to 8 months out, you need to be realistic with your expectations. For example, if you’re set on a specific venue, you may need to be flexible with your wedding date to ensure you can rent the space.

Take a non-wedding planning date. In the middle of planning for your future, it can be easy to forget about the present. Keep your relationship and your partner as the top priority by planning a date night a couple times each month. Consider premarital counseling or couples’ therapy to ensure your communication remains clear and your vision for the big day includes input from both sides.

Couple holding hands

Hire a pro. It’s ok to ask for help. In fact, hiring someone whose sole responsibility it is to create a magical wedding experience is usually money well spent. Decide which responsibilities you can handle as a couple, then turn to an experienced wedding planner to tackle the rest of the list.

Create a budget reserve. Couples say creating and sticking to the wedding-planning budget is the biggest contributing factor to stress. To avoid the budget blues, create a reserve that allows you to pay for the unexpected or overages. A great way to build this reserve is to ask for gift cards or cash in lieu of gifts for the engagement party.

Wedding planning budget

Take a breather. If you can feel the stress and tension rising in your body, take a moment to clear your mind and breathe calmly. Take three deep breaths and calm your heart rate. If you need to walk away from a conversation or a situation to gather your thoughts, do it! You’re planning for a life with your partner, not just one day, so keep the big picture in mind.