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Best Ideas For Fall Engagement Photos

Best Ideas For Fall Engagement Photos

To no surprise, the most popular month for engagements is December. Something about Christmas and the holiday season makes for a romantic time to say yes to the rest of your life. However, a survey from brides.com reveals August is the second most popular month for engagements.

If you’re wearing the ring and planning your big day, don’t skip over the engagement photos. Fall makes for the perfect backdrop to beautifully colored engagement photos. Whether you’re creating invitations for an engagement party, announcements, or just want to remember the moment, our fall engagement photo ideas will help you create cozy memories.

Fall Foliage

Find the perfect fall foliage to include in your engagement photos. A tree full of bright golden yellow or rich red leaves makes the ideal scene for your fall pictures. Ask the photographer for the traditional tight shots, but a picture that includes the entire tree can make a great keepsake.

Capture The Sunset

Is there anything more beautiful than a sunset in the fall? As the sun’s rays highlight the autumn colors, nature is creating your backdrop. The beams of light will look stunning pouring through the colorful leaves. Ask your photographer for the best locations for sunset photos.

Party Of Three

If you have a fur baby, bring them along! A few shots with your favorite four-legged family member is ideal for fall engagement photos. Take a walk in the park or choose one of your favorite spots to spend the afternoon.

Stay Warm

Don’t miss this chance to get cozy with your partner. Grab a blanket and snuggle together to create a comfy photo shoot. Add a cup of coffee or fireplace in the background and you’ve assembled the best fall photo scheme!

Include Water

Summer engagement photos aren’t the only ones that can include beautiful bodies of water. If you have a lake or river in your area, ask the photographer for the best times to capture the scenic backdrop. Find a rock, bench, or dock to host your photos.

Dress Accordingly

Fall wardrobe is camera-friendly and we’re in love with plaids and fall colors. Deep, rich colors can stand out in your photos, especially against a rustic or natural background. While we won’t encourage you to grab matching ensembles, we’re all for fall outfits that are perfectly balanced.

Rustic Backdrop

What do a barn, old train station, or aging bridge have in common? They all make for a scenic fall engagement photo shoot. Look for rustic backdrops around your town or bring some of your own props, like old bicycles or lanterns.

Snap the best fall engagement photos with these ideas. Include the bright fall foliage, beautiful sunset, and try to stay warm. Your engagement announcements will make your friends want to grab a hot chocolate and cozy up next to the fireplace.