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When Do You Have A Bachelorette Party?

When Do You Have A Bachelorette Party?

One of the most anticipated nights – or weekends – before your wedding is the bachelorette party. After you say “yes!” and slip on the ring, it’s natural to want to celebrate with your girls. But before you plan the festivities, consider a few tips for the best time to have a bachelorette party. Timing is everything, and our advice will help you have the most exciting last fling before the ring.

Celebrate The Engagement

Getting engaged is a big deal! Don’t miss this moment with your partner by rushing into bachelorette party planning. Take some time to tell your family, snap a ring selfie 💍, and celebrate this part of your journey. Planning too soon may mean you’re inviting besties to party before they even knew you said yes. So, schedule your engagement photos, order the cutest ring dish, and make memories with your future partner before skipping ahead to party central.

Give Time To Plan

For bachelorette party girls who will also attend your wedding, getting enough vacation time and travel cash together for both events can be difficult if everything is scheduled close together. While you don’t want to plan the party too far out, you also want to avoid having the celebratory weekend too close to the wedding. You’ll want to give your party guests a month or two advanced notice, especially if they’re traveling to you or it’s a destination bachelorette party. Planning your bachelorette night too close to your nuptials may mean you’re partying with fewer girls than you had hoped.


Night Before ‘I Do’

Having the bachelorette party the night before your wedding is simply a bad idea. Even if you plan months in advance, your mind is going to be consumed with the wedding and last-minute tasks. You’ll want to have a good time but will find it impossible to be in the moment. Resist the urge to have a bachelorette party the night before your wedding. No one wants to see the tired, hangover-induced version of you walking down the aisle.

Best Bachelorette Party Time

Celebrate your last weeks of being single with your girls approximately one to four months before the wedding. This timeline allows guests to budget for both the party and the nuptials and ensure they can travel for both if needed. Having your bachelorette party one to four months ahead of the wedding also means you can concentrate on the details of the big day and not worry about cramming too much into your wedding weekend.